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Managed Kubernetes Deployment

An end-to-end tech stack built on top of kubernetes with single click deployment on AWS, GCP and Azure within a matter of Minutes.

Production Infrastructure Checklist

For any cloud deployment , be it on VMs or Docker containers , here is a checklist which needs to be ticked before rolling out to production

  • VPC Network and IAM setup
  • Workloads visualization Dashboard
  • Access control management
  • Highly available and dynamic scaling capabilities
  • Continuous delivery pipeline
  • A monitoring dashboard for observability
  • Logs dashboard for visualization and analysis of logs
  • Security Scanning
  • Performance and cost optimization analysis
  • Last but not the least , data and configuration backups
Managed Kubernestes Deployment | Squareops

Managed Kubernetes Features

Infrastructure as a Code

With the help of terraform, ansible and cloud SDKs, we get the cluster up and running with several options to optimize costs and boost performance.

Production Ready

Get full visibility of the system from the day one which comes with the best of tools used in the industry, providing full visibility to technology teams for their workloads.

Secure & Cost effective

Opt from 3 security grade options which start with minimum standard of security defined for cloud deployments to highest security levels to meet regulatory compliances along with optimized deployments to meet cost.

What's Included In Managed Kubernetes Deployment

Its a custom build integration of industry tested tools and practices to provide a strong foundation for applications deployment on kubernetes. To get your application running in no time the underlying infrastructre will be deployed with these features

  • VPC network , subnets, NAT Gateways etc.
  • Firewall rules
  • Network monitoring and logs
  • IAM permissions or service accounts
  • SSH key pairs
  • Openvpn ( additional )
  • Managed kubernetes cluster and node pools
  • Kubernetes controllers and drivers ( load balancer , storage and other controllers )
  • Rancher deployment to support dashboard and kubernetes Role based access control
  • Monitoring stack deployment based on Prometheus and Grafana
  • ELK custom resource definitions and stack deployment
  • Jenkins to support development of continuous delivery pipeline
  • Deployment templates for databases like mongoDB, Mysql, Postgres etc.
  • Data and system backup job templates
  • Customised helm charts for java, php, python and nodejs based platforms
  • Dockerfiles and jenkins pipeline reference library
  • High Grade private network security
  • Controlled Access management to all platform components
  • Layer7 Web application firewall
  • Cost and performance optimizations using reserved and spot instances

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