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SquareOps helps enterprises embrace the power of cloud & DevOps Process to make businesses thrive.

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Site Reliability Engineering
Have multiple environments which require constant changes, Monitoring, Logging, Alerting & critical SLA's to meet and debug production issues on the fly.
Infrastructure As A Code
We use Terraform & Cloudformation for automating the Infrastructure along with configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef , Puppet etc.
CI/CD Security (DevSecOps)
DevSecOps is a cultural approach to integrating security in our CI/CD pipeline. It assures that security is implemented at every stage of the SDLC.
Kubernetes and Containers at Scale
Depending on the application needs, which might also change over time, Kubernetes users are able to horizontally scale the total container count used.
Cloud Migration
Our expertise lies in infrastructure management, data migration, application migration, etc. that transforms your business to grow with cloud.
Well Architected Review
Enterprises can consult us for a well-architected review. We perform a detailed review of either the cloud environment or an on-premises environment that helps to find issues and our experts fix it at the earliest.
Years in business
90 +
5 +
Certified architects
14 +
Team of DevOps Engineer

Platforms We Use

Our cloud and container security platform is designed to support multi-cloud environments and address risk across all of your cloud accounts and deployments.

Tools we Use

We architected our cloud and container security platform for SaaS and extensibility, with an API-driven approach to integrate with the tools you use today and tomorrow.
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Our experience helps you to drive your business with cloud.

We are a team of passionate and experienced engineers helping enterprises set up the right processes and cultures that scale and secure their businesses. Our experience and knowledge help in making a strong strategy and the right decisions that help your business succeed and meet the latest industry standards and customer expectations.
DevOps Specialists
3 years
Cloud security Experts
5 years
Solution Architects
10 years


Experienced Specialists

At SquareOps Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we have an experienced and dedicated team of specialists for each resource to deliver the best to our customers.


Commitment to customer satisfaction

SquareOps technologies have the essential tools, technologies, experience, and resources that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.


DevOps Umbrella

Through our expertise as DevOps specialists, cloud security experts, and solution architects, we are the one-stop shop for all your problems or queries related to these areas.


Productive Output

Through our intelligent and smart approach and strategy formed by our expert engineers, we ensure stable results that make your business embrace the power of the cloud.

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