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How to Accelerate Kubernetes Adoption with SquareOps Automation

We are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and are delighted to present our SquareOps Kubernetes Adoption Framework (SKAF), a premier solution for seamless, efficient, and adaptable Managed Kubernetes service, amplified by our AWS EKS Service Delivery Badge. This reflects our top-tier proficiency in Kubernetes Deployment, meeting the highest standards across providers like EKS, GKE & AKS.

SKAF is a harmonious fusion of industry-leading tools and methodologies, meticulously crafted to offer a solid foundation for Kubernetes application deployment on various platforms. Our foremost goal is to empower you to focus on creating solutions and products while we manage system observability, security, and infrastructure management with our experienced team.

Key Features:

Kubernetes Automation advantages

What SquareOps Managed Kubernetes Automation Offer's

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Monitoring and Observability

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Benefits for your business

High Level Architecture of SquareOps Kubernetes Automation


Different Use-Cases


Microservice Delivery

The SquareOps Managed Kubernetes Automation serves as an ideal platform for the delivery of microservices. With its integrated toolset and focus on infrastructure automation, it significantly reduces the complexities of deploying, scaling, and managing microservices.

By leveraging industry-standard tools such as Helm, Istio, and Karpenter, the framework ensures efficient application packaging, secure service-to-service communication, and resource optimization. In addition, built-in observability tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, and Loki provide end-to-end visibility into application performance and logs, enabling real-time alerting and faster issue resolution. This, combined with robust security measures and practices, makes SKAF a reliable partner for microservice delivery.


Multi-Tenant SaaS Delivery

For organizations delivering multi-tenant SaaS applications, SquareOps Managed Kubernetes Automation offers a powerful set of features to ensure scalability, isolation, and performance. By supporting the deployment of Kubernetes across multiple accounts, regions, and subnets provides an infrastructure that can scale with your SaaS business while maintaining strict isolation between tenants for enhanced security.

The Automation’s built-in support for advanced security features such as data encryption, CIS compliance, and role-based access control ensures your SaaS application is secure at all times. Furthermore, with its integrated monitoring and observability stack, you can gain insights into tenant usage, performance metrics, and application logs, enabling proactive issue detection and superior tenant experience.


Multi-Account and Multi-Region Deployments

SquareOps Managed Kubernetes Automation shines in scenarios that require multi-account and multi-region deployments. Its robust architecture supports a broad range of deployment topologies, catering to the needs of enterprises operating in diverse geographical locations and regulatory environments. With SquareOps Managed Kubernetes Automation, you can achieve seamless and secure networking across accounts and regions, thanks to features like VPC Peering and secure VPN connectivity. The framework also provides advanced cost management capabilities, with the ability to report costs based on environment and resource tags. Moreover, the framework’s commitment to minimising vendor lock-in empowers you with the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your business without worrying about migration hassles


Cloud Agnostic Deployments

In an era where flexibility and adaptability are key, SquareOps Managed Kubernetes Automation offers a comprehensive solution for cloud-agnostic deployments. By leveraging its unique blend of industry-standard tools and methodologies, it allows you to build infrastructure that’s not only robust and scalable but also free from the constraints of vendor lock-in. Whether you aim to migrate to a different cloud provider, extend your operations into a hybrid multi-cloud approach, or maintain resilience against cloud provider-specific outages, SKAF ensures your transition is seamless and efficient.

The Automation’s commitment to Terraform and Helm as infrastructure and application deployment tools ensures your configurations are expressible in a provider-agnostic way, simplifying migrations. Meanwhile, the use of platform-independent services like MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, and RabbitMQ for self-managed services further reinforces the cloud-agnostic approach. This flexibility paired with robust security, monitoring, and cost management features makes it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a future-proof solution for their cloud infrastructure needs.

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