Infrastructure As A Code

Infrastructure As Code (IaC)

Modern approach to manage your infrastructure
It is the process of managing and provisioning the infrastructure through code instead of a manual process. It is a modern approach where configuration files are created that contain your total enterprise infrastructure specifications. This makes it easier to distribute configurations and edit them. Version control is a key component of IaC, so all the configuration files are stored under version control just like other software code. IaC plays a vital role in implementing DevOps practices and ensuring CI/CD pipelines. Our expertise helps in managing your complete infrastructure effectively.

What do we offer in IaC service


Terraform infrastructure as a code is an open source and most popular software tool created by HashiCorp for automating the infrastructure. It automates the provisioning and security based on policies. It enables you to safely and predictably create, change, modify, and improve infrastructure.


It is an infrastructure automation platform for AWS that speeds up cloud provisioning with infrastructure as code. It helps you manage and scale the entire infrastructure, or AWS resources, in a single text file.


It is an open-source IaC tool supported by Red Hat. It is one of the most widely used configuration management tools that makes it easy to handle multiple server configurations and management from one point. It enables users to execute configuration files in playbooks that are used to create and manage required infrastructure resources. Ansible uses SSH to connect to the servers or instances instead of agents.

How IaC is beneficial for your business

What sets SquareOps Technologies apart


Pre-built Modules

Our team of infrastructure automation engineers write modules in a modular approach which are easily customisable and re-usable for multiple projects. Modules are written as per the industry best practices and kept updated with the latest version of tools and is battle tested for Production deployments to provide Speed and Scalability required.


Achieve GitOps

Our Iac Library helps in achieving GitOps practice by providing governance and security by enabling organizations to track and manage changes in a controlled manner, automate the deployment of changes, and define and enforce security policies in code. This helps to ensure that only approved changes are deployed, providing a level of governance over infrastructure and application changes.


Result oriented approach

Our dedicated and experienced professionals analyze your current state of infrastructure critically and form a strong strategy that helps you manage your infrastructure effectively. Our principles include learning from previous mistakes and not repeating them again, taking ownership of every activity, etc., and the expertise in this service helps us practice this result-oriented approach that ensures your complete infrastructure is stronger than before, which makes your business successful.


No quality compromise

Our main focus is to provide top-quality, professional infrastructure as a service to our clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures there is no quality compromise when we offer our infrastructure as a code service to our clients.

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