CI/CD Security (DevSecOps)

A modern approach to integrating advanced security with CI/CD pipeline

DevSecOps is a cultural approach that ensures security is implemented at every stage of the SDLC process by enabling frequent security checks embedded into continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines using proprietary tools. Most enterprises’ main priority is to integrate advanced security with CI/CD pipelines, as it seamlessly automates, tests, and deploys code, etc. SquareOps Technologies has the expertise to provide top-quality CI/CD security services using DevSecOps tools.

What SqaureOps Technologies Offer

Deploy Applications Faster

With expertise in building 1000+ pipelines supporting different technology stack applications like Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, Go, React, etc., we help companies deploy several times a day. With the right process, code changes can be automatically built, tested, and deployed to production as soon as they are committed to the source control repository. This allows teams to quickly and consistently deliver code changes without the need for manual intervention.

Additionally, we often build features such as automatic rollback, which allows teams to quickly undo code changes if issues arise. They may also include features such as canary deployments, which allow teams to gradually roll out code changes to a subset of users before fully deploying them.

End-to-end CI/CD security Implementation

We offer end-to-end CI/CD security services to our clients, which help them improve key areas such as availability, reliability, sustainability, and performance. Our expertise lies in change management, compliance monitoring, vulnerability scanning, roles and access management, process optimization, SAST and DAST etc. Pick the right option that is best for your business.

SAST runs continual threat monitoring and audits on in-development software, applications, servers, etc. used by enterprises for a project.DAST performs advanced monitoring and risk assessments on applications or software currently in use by enterprises. This improves the system of CI/CD security, along with DevSecOps.

CI/CD consulting and Design service

We offer CI/CD consulting and end-to-end pipeline design services to our clients, which help to design and redesign an automation pipeline that helps to avail the full potential of DevSecOps automation to strengthen the security system. We help clients by offering custom-made CI/CD solutions that are unique and perfectly suit their business requirements.

Benefits for your business

What sets SquareOps Technologies apart


Dedicated team

We have a dedicated and specialised team that takes ownership of every activity related to integrating CI/CD security with DevSecOps. Our team members’ vast knowledge and experience, which they acquire by handling clients on a regular basis, becomes crucial in certain situations as your in-house team members lack that expertise.


Avoid hiring process

It requires time and effort to create an in-house team of members who have expertise in integrating CI/CD security with DevSecOps to manage your complete business security. The hiring process is a hectic, time- and cost-consuming process that can affect your business. You can save yourself the pain of hiring and replacing team members to tackle attrition. Our ready team members are vastly experienced in the DevSecOps tools, DevOps practices, and tools like Jenkins, Gitlab, CircleCI, the CI/CD DevSecOps pipeline process, etc., which ensures that implementing an advanced security system in the SDLC process is safe and successful and helps you focus on improving your business.


Result oriented approach

Our dedicated and experienced professionals analyse your current state of DevSecOps culture, security system, CI/CD pipeline, etc. critically and form a strong strategy that helps in integrating the CI/CD DevSecOps pipeline effectively. Our principles include learning from previous mistakes and not repeating them again, taking ownership of every activity, etc., and the expertise in this service helps us practise this result-oriented approach that ensures your business is migrated to the cloud smoothly, which makes your business successful.


No quality compromise

Our main focus is to provide top-quality, professional CI/CD security (DevSecOps) services to our clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures there is no quality compromise when we offer our infrastructure as a code service to our clients.

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