Case Studies

Tompkins robotics

CICD For Warehouse Management Systems

Transform Warehouse Management using CICD. Dynamic environment & smooth deployment upgrade warehouse operations for optimal perfomance


Freefuse CICD Implementation Journey

Empower faster releases and smoother deployments with Freefuse CI/CD. See how we evolved our workflow for continuous improvement

Saas Kubernetes Deployment

SAAS Kubernetes Deployment over AWS EKS

SAAS deployment for Supply Chain Customer with 15+ Microservices
over Kubernetes Shared & Dedicated Tenant Deployment using Amazon EKS & Automated by Terraform.


Freefuse Cloud Journey on AWS

Freefuse cloud journey involved entire automation using terraform along with blue-green deployment DevSecOps pipelines and SOC-2 compliance infrastructure.

Cimet DevSecOps : AWS Codepipeline Case Study

CIMET provides a full end-to-end digital comparison platform, using an automated system to reduce conversion times & Boost brand value and SquareOps Helped them achieve DevSecOps for the entire Infrastructure.

Harappa Case Study for DevOps & Aws Cloud Management

Harppa is an Edtech company providing learners with skills to confidently navigate their most-crucial career milestones, with Confidence & SquareOps helped them with entire DevOps & cloud management process

Mathleaks Migration to AWS

Migration of Mathleaks project to container enviornment running on AWS EKS along with Monitoring, Logging and continuous integration & continuous deployment to multiple Regions.