Case Studies

AWS Control Tower Strategy For EyeControl

Learn how SquareOps utilized AWS Control Tower to enhance EyeControl’s multi-account management in healthcare technology, ensuring strong security.

synaptic case study

Transforming AWS Security Landscape For Synaptic

Learn how Synaptic enhanced AWS security with SquareOps, achieving ISO27001 compliance and improved threat detection. Secure your data and empower growth with SquareOps.

Tompkins robotics

CICD For Warehouse Management Systems

Transform Warehouse Management using CICD. Dynamic environment & smooth deployment upgrade warehouse operations for optimal perfomance


Freefuse CICD Implementation Journey

Empower faster releases and smoother deployments with Freefuse CI/CD. See how we evolved our workflow for continuous improvement

Saas Kubernetes Deployment

SAAS Kubernetes Deployment over AWS EKS

SAAS deployment for Supply Chain Customer with 15+ Microservices
over Kubernetes Shared & Dedicated Tenant Deployment using Amazon EKS & Automated by Terraform.


Freefuse Cloud Journey on AWS

Freefuse cloud journey involved entire automation using terraform along with blue-green deployment DevSecOps pipelines and SOC-2 compliance infrastructure.

Cimet DevSecOps : AWS Codepipeline Case Study

CIMET provides a full end-to-end digital comparison platform, using an automated system to reduce conversion times & Boost brand value and SquareOps Helped them achieve DevSecOps for the entire Infrastructure.

Harappa Case Study for DevOps & Aws Cloud Management

Harppa is an Edtech company providing learners with skills to confidently navigate their most-crucial career milestones, with Confidence & SquareOps helped them with entire DevOps & cloud management process

Mathleaks Migration to AWS

Migration of Mathleaks project to container enviornment running on AWS EKS along with Monitoring, Logging and continuous integration & continuous deployment to multiple Regions.