Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

Modern approach to upscale your organization's operation function
Site reliability engineering is a set of practices that involves using software tools to automate enterprise infrastructure tasks such as system management, application monitoring, etc. to upscale the operations and improve the stability and reliability of the business production environment. SRE is vital for DevOps as its tools and technologies complement DevOps practices. SquareOps Technologies is the one-stop solution for enterprises that are looking for industrially compliant SRE services at affordable prices.

What SqaureOps Technologies Offer

End-to-End SRE services

We offer end-to-end SRE services to our clients, which help them improve key areas such as availability, reliability, sustainability, latency, performance, and capacity. Our expertise lies in track and trace, audit and assurance, incident management, proactive support, and the setup of self-healing systems. Pick the right option that is best for your business.

System Blueprints designing

Our Site Reliability Engineering team has vast knowledge and expertise in designing a robust architecture based on continuous integration and continuous deployment, which helps enterprises make smart decisions with more important information available and helps design a service team that adds value during project set-up.

System Monitoring

SquareOps technologies use proprietary and latest Site reliability engineering tools, platforms to track the health of enterprise infrastructure (cloud infrastructure or on-premises infrastructure), applications, servers etc. 247 to detect any issues found, and fix it at the earliest.

Benefits for your business

What sets SquareOps Technologies apart


24*7 Shared Team of SRE

A shared team of Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) can provide cost-effective support for multiple organizations by offering their expertise. This allows organizations to access the skills and experience of a team of SREs without the need to hire and maintain a full-time team in-house.

– Our team members’ vast knowledge and expertise help improve the reliability, performance, and scalability of systems and infrastructure through proactive monitoring, issue resolution, and optimization measures.


Flexibility & Cost-effectiveness

It requires time and effort to create an in-house team of members who have expertise in SRE practices that are useful for automating system operations and its solutions. With an outsourced team some of the key benefits are:

Flexibility: An outsourced team can be more flexible in terms of scaling up or down as needed, allowing organizations to quickly respond to changing needs and demands.

Cost-effectiveness: An outsourced SRE team can be more cost-effective compared to an in-house team, as it allows organizations to access specialized skills and expertise on a project-by-project basis rather than hiring and maintaining a full-time team.


Result oriented approach

Our dedicated and experienced professionals analyze your current state of operations and solutions critically and form a strong strategy that helps you manage your operations effectively. Our principles include learning from previous mistakes and not repeating them again, taking ownership of every activity, etc., and the expertise in this service helps us practise this result-oriented approach that ensures your complete operations are stronger than before, which makes your business successful.


No quality compromise

Our main focus is to provide top-quality, professional SRE services to our clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures there is no quality compromise when we offer our site reliability engineering service to our clients.

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