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SquareOps Cloud migration services
Cloud migration is referred to as the process of moving data, applications, infrastructure, business processes, workflows, and other key elements to cloud platforms. SqaureOps Technologies Pvt. Ltd., one of the top migration companies in Delhi, offers hassle-free, professional, rich-quality cloud migration services to unleash the power of the cloud for your business. Key reasons why businesses require cloud migration:

What SqaureOps Technologies Offer

Infrastructure migration

We help enterprises migrate data, information, or technology from one place or system, etc., to cloud infrastructure like the public cloud, etc. With advanced tools and technology, infrastructure administration can be easily automated.

Database migration

Migrate data from the source database to the target database on major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, or GCP. You can migrate relational databases, data warehouses and data stores like those on-premises to the cloud without any security gaps or integral data loss.

End-to-end Cloud migration

SquareOps Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers end-to-end cloud migration services for enterprises migrating their businesses to cloud platforms. Our expertise lies in cloud migration analysis, strategy, planning, execution, and maintenance.

Benefits for your business

What sets SquareOps Technologies apart


Dedicated team

We have a dedicated and specialised team that takes ownership of every activity related to your complete cloud migration. Our team members’ vast knowledge and experience, which they acquire by handling clients on a regular basis, becomes crucial in certain situations as your in-house team members lack that expertise.


Avoid hiring process

It requires time and effort to create an in-house team of members who have expertise in the cloud migration process to manage your complete business. The hiring process is a hectic, time- and cost-consuming process that can affect your business. You can save yourself the pain of hiring and replacing team members to tackle attrition. Our ready team members are vastly experienced in the cloud migration process and with cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, and Azure, which ensures that migration is safe and successful and helps you focus on improving your business.


Result oriented approach

Our dedicated and experienced professionals analyze your current state of infrastructure critically and form a strong strategy that helps you manage your infrastructure effectively. Our principles include learning from previous mistakes and not repeating them again, taking ownership of every activity, etc., and the expertise in this service helps us practice this result-oriented approach that ensures your business is migrated to the cloud smoothly, which makes your business successful.


No quality compromise

Our main focus is to provide top-quality, professional cloud migration services to our clients. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures there is no quality compromise when we offer our infrastructure as a code service to our clients.

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