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End to End DevOps on AWS GCP Azure

Security | CI-CD pipelines | Infrastructure As a Code | Monitoring | Compliances | Containerization & Orchestration all at one place .

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Aws consulting partner

Next Gen DevOps built over cutting Edge Technology stacks

How It Works


Our consulting process begins by collaborating to understand the current stage of your application infrastructure.

Develop Solutions

Based on your current stage and future projections, we develop the strategy and build Highly Available Cloud Infrastructure.

Streamline Deployment Process

Gone is the time for single click deployments. It's time for automated deployments with our CI/CD solutions.

Sit back and Code more

System monitoring and Alerting solution takes the reigns once code is live so that you keep coding more and focus on the product.

What We Offer

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We have a team of DevOps which are proficient in different tools & services which are aligned to meet your business goals quickly & cost effective.

Kubernetes Deployment | Squareops

Kubernetes Deployment

Deploy on any cloud/on-prem with Kubernetes & docker. Use our managed stack of Kubernetes Deployment for production setup to get you running in few hours.

Cloud Deployment | Squareops

Cloud Deployment

Deploy to any cloud on AWS,GCP,Azure,Digital Ocean etc with security first approach and scale to handle any amount of traffic with continues deployement.

Continous Integration/Deployment | Squareops

Continous Integration/Deployment

Pick your own tool or select from few of tools we use Jenkins, Aws Pipeline, Bitbucket, Gitlab, CircleCI & Azure DevOps.

Infrastructure As A Code | Squareops

Infrastructure As A Code

We use Terraform & Cloudformation for automating the Infrastructure along with configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef , Puppet etc

Meet Compliance | Squareops

Meet Compliance

From well Architected Frameworks to HIPPA, PCI & GDPR compliance we get your infrastructure audited from every point to meet any Compliance.

Site Reliability Engineer | Squareops

Site Reliability Engineer

Have multiple enviornments which require constant changes, Monitoring, Logging, Alerting & critical SLA's to meet and debug production issues on the fly.

Top reason to choose us

In house Devops Engineering team can be a luxury for startups and small organisations. To overcome this challenge, It's easy for such organisations to outsource these capabilities to another Team with expertise in DevOps technologies.

Better optimised infrastructure and Scaled down workforce cost result in 30-50% savings over in-house devops process for Technical team size of upto 50 engineers.
Organisations can have team members specific for each of their needs like CI/CD pipeline experts, AWS and Cloud computing Experts, Monitoring and alerting team , Database Administrators, Application security Engineers ,Logs and data analytics team etc.
You can save yourself from the pain of hiring and replacement of team members to tackle attrition. Adoption of Devops Culture is faster with a readily available team with experience in traditional monolithic web applications as well as distributed applications built on Service Oriented architecture and container based microservice design patterns.
All the application are hosted on your infrastructure with clear visibility over costs.
We maintain all related documentation and the entire infrastructure is written as Code(IAAC).

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All blogs are written with our experince during the process of implementing DevOps for different projects using different tools , technologies & cloud.