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Azure DevOps with Continuous Integration & Continuous Testing



Azure DevOps provides agile CI/CD for the teams along with Azure Board for project management with Continous Integration, Continous Testing & Continous Delivery

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Jenkins CI/CD pipeline for Microservices Deployment on Kubernetes



Continuous integration & Continuous Delivery multibranch pipeline built over Jenkins with step by step guide for a microservice-based application deployment over Kubernetes.

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How DevOps Can Help Startups



Why Startups should follow the DevOps culture from the beginning and how they can reap the benefits of  building a strong product for future with minium overhead of cost & managing skills

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Beginner's Journey To DevOps..



Devops for beginners. It's a experince of devops intern at SquareOps about what he has learnt during internship working on AWS cloud , DevOps tool like Aws CodePipeline , Docker , ec2 , continuous delivery, continuous integration , IAAC , Cloudfromation, terraform etc..

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Release automation for .NET projects using gitlab pipelines

Nitin Yadav


Release automation for .NET projects using Gitlab pipelines, This is Continues integration & Delivery pipleine tutorial for a basic .net application deployment using Gitlab

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