Freefuse CICD Implementation Journey

Empower faster releases and smoother deployments with Freefuse CI/CD. See how we evolved our workflow for continuous improvement

About the Customer

FreeFuse Inc. offers a platform that transforms videos into interactive learning tools. The Engineering team sought to enhance their infrastructure management with Terraform and streamline the deployment process through the blue-green deployment model for application releases. They also aimed to migrate their Python AI video editor component from IBM Cloud to AWS and enable multiple parallel processes for the AI video editor.

To achieve these goals, FreeFuse Inc. engaged SquareOps as their Service Partner, drawn by SquareOps’s demonstrated experience with Terraform, CI/CD and AWS Advanced consulting partner badge.


Customer Challenge

Freefuse encountered challenges with its current release workflow, characterized by unstable and unreliable releases lacking testing and rollback capabilities. Their core services like AI video editor and model training service would break using the conventional CICD workflow.


Proposed Solution

With careful planning of the solution design and successful POCs , SquareOps came up with a solution to achieve the desired goals
  1. Blue-green Deployments: We introduced Blue-green deployments which allowed the Freefuse team to have two separate, but identical environments. One environment (blue) is running the current application version and one environment (green) is running the new application version. This deployment strategy increases application availability and reduces deployment risk by simplifying the rollback process if a deployment fails. Once testing has been completed on the green environment, live application traffic is directed to the green environment and the blue environment is gracefully deprecated.

2. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment: Freefuse adopted CI/CD pipelines to automate the integration, testing, and deployment processes. It helped them in streamlining the release cycle, reducing manual errors, and enhancing the overall reliability of releases.

3. Rollback Mechanism: Using a blue/green deployment strategy, we  increased application availability and reduced deployment risk by simplifying the rollback process if a deployment fails.


CICD Implementation

CICD Implementation


Results and Benefits:

The streamlined deployment with AWS CodePipeline enhanced availability and scalability through Auto Scaling and Load Balancing.

Zero downtime:  The use of blue-green deployments allowed us to test new releases in a separate environment before making them live to users, ensuring seamless and reliable releases with zero downtime.


About The Partner:

SquareOps is a one-stop solution for any enterprise, regardless of size or industry, that wants to grow by taking advantage of the benefits of cloud-native platforms. We are a team of passionate engineers helping businesses set up the right processes and culture of DevOps for different verticals. We help developers understand best practices for coding, security as a basic need, and building pipelines for easy deployments. Our service model feature is a big differentiator from our competitors in the market, as we offer services at affordable prices.

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