Transforming AWS Security Landscape For Synaptic

Learn how Synaptic enhanced AWS security with SquareOps, achieving ISO27001 compliance and improved threat detection. Secure your data and empower growth with SquareOps.

Improved Threat Detection and Compliance

Business Growth and Security Assurance

Centralized Security

Security Challenges


Synaptic, an alternative data platform, enables financial firms and investors to gain actionable insights from vast data sets. They partnered with SquareOps, an AWS Advanced Tier partner specializing in DevOps and cloud security, to enhance their security posture and ensure compliance with industry standards.


Opportunities  Unified Security and Compliance

Synaptic faced challenges with fragmented security measures across multiple AWS accounts, leading to inconsistent practices and a lack of unified visibility. This fragmentation hindered the ability to quickly identify and respond to security incidents, increasing the risk of breaches.

To address this, Synaptic required fine-grained control over network traffic between various AWS accounts to prevent unauthorized access and potential data breaches. They sought enhanced network security with centralized monitoring of the entire Security posture across multiple AWS accounts, to ensure immediate detection of any security incidents.

Moreover, aligning with ISO27001 standards was crucial for Synaptic to maintain data integrity, confidentiality, and availability, as well as to pass regular audits. Non-compliance could result in data breaches, loss of customer trust, and legal repercussions, significantly impacting Synaptic’s business operations.


Solutions | Centralized Security, Network, and Compliance Management

To address these opportunities, SquareOps designed and implemented a comprehensive security architecture using various AWS services. The project involved creating a dedicated AWS Security Account to centralize Cloud Security Posture Management(CSPM) and network security infrastructure.

  • AWS Network Firewall – We implemented strong network security by setting up VPCs and subnets to isolate resources and control traffic. Deployed Transit Gateway ENIs for efficient routing across accounts and integrated a central Network Firewall for secure traffic monitoring. Additionally, the AWS Network Firewall was used to inspect and filter network traffic, ensuring comprehensive protection with customized firewall policies.
  • AWS CloudTrail: Configured AWS CloudTrail to log all API calls and send these logs to a centralized Security Tooling account.  Provided a unified view of API activities across all AWS accounts, enhancing visibility and enabling prompt detection of suspicious activities.
  • AWS Security Hub: Set up AWS Security Hub to aggregate security findings from multiple AWS accounts.Offered a comprehensive security dashboard, simplifying the management of security alerts and compliance status across the organization.
  • AWS GuardDuty: Enabled AWS GuardDuty for continuous monitoring and threat detection.Provided intelligent threat detection and automatic remediation, ensuring proactive security management.
  • AWS Config: Used AWS Config to assess, audit, and evaluate the configuration of AWS resources.Ensured compliance with security best practices and standards by continuously monitoring resource configurations.
  • AWS IAM Access Analyzer: Implemented AWS IAM Access Analyzer to analyze resource policies and ensure least privilege access.Enhanced security by identifying and mitigating overly permissive access policies.


Outcomes |  Enhance Security With Compliance Achievement

Synaptic achieved a strong and centralized security management system, significantly improving their threat detection and response capabilities. Implemented network security measures that provided fine-grained control over traffic, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. Successfully aligned with ISO27001 standards, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality, and availability, and enhancing overall security compliance.



By partnering with SquareOps Synaptic significantly strengthened its security posture, aligning it with industry best practices and compliance standards. This comprehensive security solution enabled Synaptic to focus on delivering exceptional value to their clients, confident in the knowledge that their sensitive data and operations were protected by strong security measures. As a result, Synaptic could innovate and grow without compromising on the critical aspect of security, thanks to the expert guidance and implementation by SquareOps.

If you’re looking to enhance your network security and ensure compliance with industry standards, contact SquareOps today to learn how we can help secure your infrastructure and empower your business to succeed.

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